Riviera Maya, Cancun, MexicoQ: Where do you think the best place in Mexico is to take the whole family, and why?

Definitely Cancun and the Riviera Maya! Mexico has some great and beautiful places to visit but in Cancun you have it all: Amazing trips, the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever seen, fantastic food, friendly locals and direct flights from almost everywhere – it’s the perfect combination.

Families with small children can venture into fun activities that will have kids fascinated like natural aquariums and zip line tours. Couples, solo travelers, and history buffs will fall in love with Mayan culture and the traditions found in Mexico.

Q: What are some trips or tours that are a must for people of all ages?

One thing that’s truly distinctive to the Cancun-Riviera Maya area is the cenotes. Cenotes are natural sinkholes of crystal clear, cool water that were once sacred to the Mayan and they are a unique jewel to explore. There are many excursions that combine a visit to a cenote with zip lining, Mayan archaeological sites and visits to local Mayan communities which make for a well-rounded amazing day out.

There are also many eco-parks that offer a wide variety of options for families of a diverse age group which is always nice to keep everyone happy.

Q: What’s your favorite cultural experience in the region?

We’re so privileged to be so close to amazing Mayan archaeological sites – Chichen Itza is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and Tulum is the only Mayan site built by the sea. Both are relatively close to most resort area, and it’s really a great opportunity to visit something unlike anything else in the world.

Visiting with a guide is definitely a much more enriching experience than if you were to go on your own. All archaeological site guides are required by law to get certified by the Mexican government, so they’re very knowledgeable, professional, and have great English skills. Many guides are locals and will add a very interesting perspective and insight to your visit, sharing the secrets hidden behind the rocks.

Q: What’s a unique experience you offer that most travelers miss out on?

There are some great hidden jewels that most travelers are not aware of, but they offer some pretty unique experiences. Chaak Tun cenote, for example, is one of Playa del Carmen’s best kept secrets. As most people don’t know it exists, visiting the underground cenote and swimming in the cool water underneath stalactites of Chaak Tun is like having this natural marvel exclusively for you.

We also have some not-so-obvious experiences, like a bird-watching tour. There are 350 bird species in the area, imagine that! While most people go snorkeling – which is a must-do in the Caribbean – sometimes it’s also nice to look up into the sky for some color.

Q: What family-friendly and multigenerational options do Amstar offer that travelers can’t find anywhere else?

Private excursions exclusively designed for Amstar customers. For example, we have an amazing Exclusive Holbox experience that takes you away to your own hidden paradise. The island of Holbox is a protected biosphere in the northwest Yucatan Peninsula. This experience offers guests the opportunity to take a private boat ride with only their friends and family on an amazing day out that includes fishing, snorkeling, and sightseeing in a small Mexican island. These trips are tailored-made to suit a special kind of traveler who is looking for exclusivity, VIP treatment, and unrivaled experiences.

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