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What is a Travel Agent?

A Travel Agent is a person who provides travel-related services to their clients. This can include anything from booking flights and hotel rooms to booking cruises to and from anywhere in the world, exotic vacations, shore excursions, unique experiences, arranging car rentals, restaurant reservations, custom itineraries, and more. When you book your vacation with a certified Travel Agent, you’re not only getting the best-in-class service, but you’re working with an agent that specializes in exactly the type of trip and destination you’re looking for. Not only are travel agent services free to you since the industry partners pay the Agent’s commission, but you’re booking with a real person.

No generic booking website is going to provide you with
the personal attention that I will as your personal Travel Agent.


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Hi, I am Tracye, your personal full-service Travel Agent. I can book your flights, hotel rooms, cruises to and from anywhere in the world, land vacations, shore excursions, unique experiences and more. I can arrange car rentals, restaurant reservations, custom itineraries, local outings, event tickets and more... If you have any questions or are ready to make travel memories email me at

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